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    Seminar transformed my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use the knowledge I acquired.

    S. Bennet, Operations Manager
    Wells Fargo
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    Attending this seminar
    was the best money
    we’ve ever spent.

    Paul Jennings
    Rolls Royce, England
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    The first time I heard this seminar I felt cheated. I wish I had heard it thirty years ago.

    Larry Gigliotti
    South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
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    I’ve kept these materials in the top drawer of my desk for seven years.

    Graham Holden
    CEO, Marshalls UK
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    The best source on workplace incivility and stress.

    Matt Villano
    The New York Times

About Us

We help organizations and people to avoid the subtle missteps that turn disappointment and disagreement into power struggles and mistrust.

Our view is that conflict does not escalate as a result of malice. Rather, it is a product of a lack of skill in dealing with disagreement. In our trainings and conflict resolution projects, we illuminate the mistakes that underlie destructive disagreement, and their far-reaching consequences, while providing a proven process for resolution.

Our methods reverse workplace tension and disengagement––efficiently, painlessly and permanently.

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